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The MJR-8000 Series Computerized Time Recorder will slash your payroll preparation time. Because time card calculation errors cost you money, it only makes sense to use the revenue saving resources that are available to you. The MJR-8000 Series helps you create management reports, which will be instrumental in saving you money.



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    MJR-8000N Stand-alone Computerized Time Recorder

  • Calculates and accumulates hours worked
  • Separates regular and overtime hours
  • Accepts unlimited number of punches per day
  • Accommodates two overtime categories
  • Flexible rounding, grace periods, etc.
  • Automatically deducts for breaks & lunch
  • Prints name on card
  • Prints exceptions in red
  • Accommodates paid breaks
  • Split shift calculation capability
  • Rechargeable Ni-Cd battery backup
  • Individual lockout capability
  • Data correction for previous & current pay period
  • Carryover of weekly worked hours onto

    new card for Semi-monthly and monthly pay periods
  • Suitable for wall or table mounting
  • 250 employee capacity
  • Full power reserve (optional)
  • Signal capability (30) (optional)
  • PC interface (optional)
  • Accumulated period (in hours or dollars)
  • Yesterday’s hours
  • Yesterday’s dollars
  • Today’s hours
  • Today’s dollars
  • Punched in
  • Punched out
  • Approaching overtime

    MJR-8150 Data Collection Terminal

    MJR-8000N plus…

  • PC interface
  • Ability to store individual punches
  • Function code capability
  • Cost center entry and storage
  • Start with the MJR-8150 for accurate, reliable data collection
  • Prints IN/OUT times on time card for employees to see
  • Rugged metal case stands up in any environment
  • Interfaces with TruTime for Windows software for complete payroll automation
  • RS-232 or RS-485 communications
  • Automatically adjusts for Daylight Saving Time

  • Discover punch-in paycheck automation with TruTime for Windows

  • Easy-to use Windows software
  • Calculates hours worked based on your pay policies
  • Interfaces with your outside payroll service or in-house software
  • Automates scheduling
  • Labor distribution
  • Provides full range of management reports for easy analysis of labor costs
  • History tracking
  • Network capability
  • Benefit accrual module available
  • Easily configurable with other Amano data Collection systems, such as the MTX Series terminal
  • N/A

  • Power Supply
    120V AC±10%, 60 Hz

  • Ambient Temperature
    14°F ~ 104°F (-10°C ~ 40°C)
  • Humidity
    20% ~ 90% (no condensation)
  • Power Consumption
    Normal 24V, Max. 75V

  • Dimensions
    131/2″h x 91/2″w x 8″d
    (220 mm x 200 mm x 80 mm)
  • Weight
    17.25 lbs. (7.8 kg.)