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Amano PR 600



  • Months of maintenance-free operation
  • Requires no regular winding
  • Easy operation
  • Assures security is thorough and in compliance with required routes

Typical User

  • Watchman
  • Security


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  • Restricts access to record tape and time by use of a master key
  • Documents each opening of a recorder by master key
    with “K” imprint on tape
  • Documents opening and closing of recorder
    with “O” imprint on tape
  • Registers each watchman’s ID prior to each patrol route

  • Requires no regular winding
  • Easy operation
  • Battery indicator light
  • 99 station keys available

  • Self-contained dry cell battery provides months of maintenance-free operation
  • Designed for maximum protection against possible mishandling
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Lock box available to prevents loss of station keys
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