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Bifco Revolution


The Revolution is a wireless, real time, ticket vending system providing self-monitoring and diagnostics, which will help you discover consistent revenue.
BifcoT products have been created around industry research and customer interaction and will offer ticket vending system with:
Features you have been asking for, Included options you are looking for, At a price you have been searching for: The REVOLUTION Is Here.




  • Pay and Display
  • Pay by Space
  • Pay on Exit
  • Pay on Street
  • Pay for Events
  • Pay for Services

Revenue Collection

The Revolution as a standard accepts coins, bills and credit cards and has that ability to accept tokens, smart cards, custom cards and debit cards. It will issue change in coin, can hold up to $2,000 in the locked coin vault and 500 bills in the locked bill stacker. Furthermore, all revenue collection devices are secure and monitored for maximum revenue protection. The credit card processing is real time or batched through Bifco’s processing management software system.

Patron Friendliness

The combination of the large, color, LCD panel, dual 4 key keypads a 12 key keypad have been created in the image, proven design and functionality of the ATM machine. These features will guide each patron through a simple process to purchase time, space, services and more.


The thermal printer mechanism used in the Revolution is manufactured by the original printer people, "Epson". Along with a solid reputation of continued reliability and serviceability, it will also print logos, graphics, special fonts and more.


Standard power setup is through AC line, which includes a 34 Amp Hour battery and battery charger. If AC power is not desired or acceptable, an optional battery or solar kit may be substituted.


The Revolution is protected with a secure locking system with an anti-theft and vandalism package, which includes a security camera and monitoring devices.


The Revolution self-monitors, real time, all the time and communicates through Bifco’s management software system. Each area of the machine operations are monitored to ensure truly maximized revenues.


The Revolution is built to withstand the abuse of outdoor elements, but the design will accommodate any indoor or more formal environment. The chassis is 11 gauge stainless steel, while the front interface panel is finished with a durable protective coating and covered with a durable, instructional label.

Product Options

  • Smart Card Acceptance
  • Debit Card Acceptance
  • Bar Code Reader
  • AC Line Heater
  • Solar Power Kit
  • Battery Power Kit
  • Gate Control Output
  • In-Ground Pedestal