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CA-A470-A 2-Door Expansion Module


Expand your Centaur system with the CA-A470-A. Centaur's E-Bus technology allows any expansion module to be located up to 1220m (4000ft) away from the CT-V900-A. Thus reducing field-wiring costs by running only one cable to the CT-V900-A. Reader, Keypad, Door Contact, REX device and Reader Outputs can be connected locally to the CA-A470-A by installing the expansion module close to the doors.

  •  2 readers and/or keypads
  • 2 lock outputs
  • 4 Inputs (door contacts and REX devices)
  • Adds 2 doors to the CT-V900-A
  • Up to three CA-A470-A modules per CT-V900-A
  • 6 reader outputs (Red/Green LEDs, Buzzer)
  • E-Bus connectivity to the CT-V900-A up to 1220m (4000ft)
  • Supports Wiegand, Magnetic Stripe Track II ABA, BCD keypad formats 
  • Comprehensive LED status indicators
  • Input Specifications:
    Reader inputs: 2
    Keypad inputs: 2
    Multi-purpose inputs: 4
  • Output Specifications:
    Lock outputs: 2 form C relays rated at 5A/30Vdc, N.C./N.O.
    Reader Outputs: Six 25mA transistor outputs