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CK-TRAK-L Tracker LCD Module


Designed to specifically work with Pro-Report's time and attendance feature (Tracker), the CK-TRAK-L acts as a “monitor” to display the date, time and “Punch In / Punch Out” to the employee/card user.

  • Adjustable backlight and contrast
  • Supports multiple language displays
  • Display unit for Pro-Report’s time and attendance feature (Tracker)
  • Connect up to 8 CK-TRAK-L to the CT-V900-A controller E-Bus 
  • Can be used with Anti-passback applications to display card errors
  • 32-character LCD display (2 lines – 16 characters each)
  • Power input:
    • 9 to 16Vdc
  • Current consumption:
    • 80mA maximum
  • LCD:
    • Super Twisted Nematic display (ST