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Lathem’s Payclock Pro 400


Lathem PC400 and PC400TX – PIN and Magnetic Stripe Terminal with Ethernet Communication Option

The PC400 provides all of the functions needed to support an effective time and attendance system. Employee and department validation ensures accurate accounting of time. Employees can also be restricted to punching only within their schedule, unless they have a manager's approval. As a communication tool, the terminal allows employees to view their worked hours for the pay period. Hospitality workers can enter tips or dollar amounts for accurate accounting and record keeping. Ideal for companies with multiple remote sites, the PC400 can receive calls using its optional internal modem, or initiate calls back to a host PC eliminating the need for dedicated phone lines.

The PC400's large 4,500 transaction capacity and its internal five year lithium battery backup of program and punch memory ensures that data is never lost. In remote locations or installations where the terminal cannot be polled on a daily basis, the PC400 can store weeks worth of data with ease. In the event of lost or corrupted data in the host software, the PC400's recovery feature can retrieve all of the previous 4,500 transactions from the terminal's memory allowing payroll to be processed on time and accurately.

  • Employee badge with optional validation for up to 500 employees
    ensures that only authorized employees are able to perform transactions
    at the terminal.
  • Department transfer validation for up to 99 departments allows employee
    time to be accurately allocated to the proper cost centers, eliminating
    employee errors and misallocated time.
  • Administrator-enabled PIN entry allows employees to key in their ID
    number without using a badge.
  • Employees can view their total hours worked for the pay period
    and up to 2 selectable benefit time balances at the terminal, eliminating
    unnecessary inquiries to the payroll department.
  • Employees can input amount data such as units or dollars for accurate
    accounting and pay adjustments.
  • The terminal can restrict employee transactions based on their work
    schedule, eliminating unauthorized overtime. Managers have the ability
    to override this restriction on a per transaction basis.
  • A standard internal relay can be used to indicate the start and stop
    time of shifts and breaks by controlling remote bells or horns.
  • Connect multiple terminals at a single site for convenient location
    of terminals throughout a facility, or locate terminals at remote sites
    using the optional modem. Employees can cross-punch at any terminal.
  • Dimensions: 6.375"W x 7.375"H x 1.5"D
  • Weight: 4 lbs. (includes wall mount bracket)
  • Power consumption: 6VDC/300 mA wall-wart

PC400 terminal utilizes Lathem Time’s PayClock Pro software, a powerful, adaptable and complete Time and Attendance system designed to accommodate the complex payroll and attendance rules of multi-faceted organizations, as well as the varying rules between different groups of employees within the organization.

The system is enhanced by the power of a true, Windows-based operating system, offering “point, click and drag” efficiencies, combined with a real-time database engine which delivers instantaneous, automated calculations.

Equally important, PayClock Pro provides the extensive reporting features and application interfaces necessary to share data seamlessly among the different groups and employees throughout the enterprise; creating an environment where workers are more productive and decision makers are more informed.


  • Automatic Data Collection in real time
  • Powerful Work Schedules
  • True "Punch to PayCheck" via Payroll Program interfaces
  • Secure data management
  • Multi-Level Labor Tracking
  • Terminal Messaging
  • Exception Finder
  • Benefit Time Tracking

Payclock Comparison Chart

Payclock Comparison Chart