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Project Uprise Link


Link is designed for those customers that desire the opposite of what The Solo offers.
Link is an automated ticketing vending product for those customers who prefer cashless transactions. This product type is also popular in harsher environments where vandalism and theft is prevalent as there is no cash within the unit.
Bifco offers a real-time credit card transaction system, so lost revenue through bad cards is not an issue with this product.
The link also has minimal management duties attached with it and has the ability for LCD, ticket text and rate structure programming, along with necessary reporting for a credit based system.

Product Description

For all those customers who require a solid and reliable ticket vending machine with minimal functions, but do not desire high-end and extensive feature sets, you’ve found your machine.
Bifco has designed four ticket vending products under the Project Uprise group. The Solo , The Core , The Link , and The Urban will each provide basic functionality and reliability at an affordable price.

  • Large Graphical, Color LCD Panel
  • 4 Key Keypad
  • Coin Acceptance
  • Credit Card Acceptance
  • Real Time Processing Capable
  • Batched Processing Ready