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Time Guardian Pro


Easy-to-use workforce management Suite

Introducing Time Guardian Pro -the next generation in time & attendance. Amano leverages it’s vast industry experience and expertise with new technology and product innovations, to deliver the following benefits:

Internet Interface Option

  • Web module provides employee and supervisor portals
  • Daily activities performed anywhere on PC linked to web server
  • Employees can punch, transfer, view hours and schedule, etc.
  • Supervisors can edit time cards, schedules, and run reports etc.

Product Description

Comprehensive rounding rules: The most comprehensive rounding features in the industry allow users to round employees’ punches by the punch, day, pay period, and by transfer pair – another industry first from Amano, the time management leaders.

One Time Holiday Configuration: Plain English holiday rules allow users to define any holiday imaginable. With Time Guardian Pro’s innovative holiday configuration, you enter your company’s criteria and your holidays are automatically calculated annually — an industry first!

Employee Maintenance: Setting up new employees is a snap. Import a picture, assign a supervisor, record personal information, and maintain certifications, all in just a few seconds.

Instant messaging: A real time interface with configurable alerts notifies the administrator of exceptions. The Instant Messaging (IM) tool also enables PC-based punching.

For those to whom security is a priority, when using Time Guardian Pro with an Amano access control product, you can assign the badge and validate the readers with the click of a button.

Manage employee security and time management from a single program!

Employee Time Card Screen

The most comprehensive single-screen collection of time and attendance data available in a time and attendance product. All information is fully customizable.


1. Indicators for quick reference.
2. Scrolling arrows for quick edits.
3. Color coding of exceptions gives quick visual confirmation of an occurrence.
4. “Pay-as-Punch” feature allows
override of a rounding rule.
5. Employee schedule is displayed
for reference.
6. View, change or add a department
7. Add comments to remember important event information.
8. Employee drop down selection list makes finding an employee effortless.
9. Filter button allows user to filter
out certain groups of employees.
10. Daily totals section for quick reference.
11. “Actual” .vs “Rounded” tool allows you to see the results of programmed rounding rules to take the guesswork out of rounding.
12. Quickly change an employee schedule
for changes “on-the-fly”. Keeps scheduling flexible.
13. View exceptions as they occur.
14. View break hours taken without having
to manually calculate them.
15. Pay period totals section for quick reference.

Reporting Capabilities

Time Guardian Pro’s report center allows you to create unlimited report templates. Choose from standard reports, then customize with additional reporting, as needed. Reports are generated in Adobe Acrobat, or Excel so you can view and distribute them to others with ease.

Enhanced Desktop Functionality

  • Instant messaging with real-time interface and configurable alerts
  • PC punch utilizing the instant messaging tool.an industry first!
  • Import/export utility moves data to/from payroll software
  • PDF and Excel formatted report capabilities
  • Shift differential, job transfers, and multi-level overtime
  • Improved labor tracking with expanded rules
  • Advanced automatic and/or individual scheduling
  • Popular payroll interfaces, customs available on request
  • No-fee Firebird SQL database included, also supports MSSQL


Access Contol Integration

The first of its kind — Time Guardian Pro provides full integration with Amano’s award- winning access control product line. Save time by entering employee data one time in a single place. Access control readers are updated instantaneously for immediate use!




Introducing the MTX-15

MTX 15

Full feature, scalable, menu driven terminal for many applications.
From basic time and attendance to job costing, this terminal does it all.

Features include:

  • RS-232C, RS-485, Modem, and Ethernet communications options
  • Numeric keypad with four function keys
  • 128 X 64 graphical display
  • Supports mag-stripe, barcode, or proximity cards
  • Labor transfers (up to six levels)
  • Break/meal button
  • Download up to 500 employees and 10,000 labor level transfers for validation
  • Stores up to 20,000 swipes

The MTX-10 and MTX-20

MTX 10Time Guardian Pro is also compatible with Amano’s flagship terminals:

  • RS-232C, RS-485, Modem, and Ethernet communications options
  • Supports standard mag-stripe or bar code formats (Interleaved 2 of 5 and Code 3 of 9) as well as Proximity cards
  • Additional external reader, full-power backup, and bar code reader options
  • Advanced features include job or department transfer, and 24 position
    programmable keyboard (Model MTX-20 only)
  • Time Guardian Pro supports polling and setting time on the MTX-10 and 20

Hand Punch Terminals Support

Handpunch Terminals

Full integration with the complete line of Hand Punch terminals:

  • Supports HP-1000, HP-2000, HP-3000, and HP-4000
  • RS-232C, RS-485, Modem, and Ethernet communications options (depends on model)
  • Relay scheduling for bell ringing
  • Advanced features include employee messaging, job or department
    transfer validation (Model HP-4000 only) HP-2000, HP-3000, AND HP-4000
    have standard 512 user capacity. The 3000 and 4000 are upgradeable.

Entry/Exit Readers

Combined with Amano access control products, entry & exit readers can be designated as time & attendance terminals.

System Requirements

  • Windows 98/2000/NT/ME/XP
  • Pentium® 4 processor or higher recommended
  • CD-ROM Drive
  • 1 GB RAM minimum recommended (2 GB preferred)
  • 1 GB of Free Hard Disk Space
  • Modem and PC Anywhere (Optional software recommended for remote support)





  • Easy navigation using a tree structure — no complicated menus.
  • Each module contains “Quick Reference”lists for fast viewing.
  • Large icons strategically placed throughout the product.
  • Powerful, innovative set-up wizard guides the user through most configuration options, delivering detailed descriptions, so the user can navigate effortlessly without the need for manuals or online help.
  • Editing screen allows users to fully customize its appearance with special colors and the ability to resize or hide fields as needed.
  • Multiple communications options include serial, modem and Ethernet connectivity. Amano’s new MTX-15 data collection terminal offers all-new function keys and key pad, delivering superior performance at an economical price.
  • Time Guardian Pro integrates easily with Amano’s AXP-200 and AmanoNet access control solution.
  • Current Amano TruTime and TimeGuardian customers can upgrade to Time Guardian Pro without losing any punch data, while maintaining the use of existing data collection hardware.
  • Utilizes full-feature SQL database with no licensing fees.

Time Guardian Pro also delivers the following standard time and attendance benefits

  • Automatically calculates total hours
  • Eliminates mistakes, minimizes repetitive tasks
  • No time cards or their prep work
  • No card collection, storage, or filing
  • User-friendly design and navigation
  • Interfaces with many popular payroll products
  • Time tracking and attendance reporting
  • Password protection
  • Multi-level overtime
  • Shift differential
  • Individual scheduling
  • Labor tracking with wages/rates
  • Comprehensive rounding abilities
  • Advanced meal/break rules
  • Internet interface with web module