Acroprint Model 125/150 TIME CLOCK

Time recorders for large and small businesses!
Lost, wasted, or stolen minutes are costly! Based on 250 working days a year, the chart below shows actual time loss at the conservative rate of only 12 minutes a day. (One (1) hour a week per employee) … and the Cost to Your Business. According to accepted standards, we have added an equal amount to the actual time loss cost for fixed overhead.


  • Provides Accurate and Indisputable time records which meet the Federal and State Laws governing wages and hours.
  • Protect your payroll … provide legible records of hours worked. 
  • Reduce tardiness and early departures by 90% or more. 
  • Increase production … enforce the time schedule. 
  • Eliminate disputes regarding pay. 
  • Establish respect for time … eliminate wasted time. 
  • Provide the correct cost of the finished product or operation. 
  • Enable use of flextime work schedules.