Get the most out of your Centaur access control system with Pro-Report by customizing your reports the way you want.


Unlike many other access control systems, Centaur's high-performance reporting module may be installed on as many computers as necessary. Pro-Report is included with every Centaur edition and workstation.

On Demand Reports Pro-Report's Wizard and powerful search, filter and sort criteria let you generate detailed reports easily and quickly.

Frequently Requested Reports Pro-Report lets you create pre-defined reports. Simply save the report settings to create a pre-defined report. This allows you to execute commonly requested reports with ease.

Scheduled Reports Set automatic report generation at scheduled times with Pro-Report's convenient scheduling parameters.

Basic Time & Attendance With Pro-Report's built-in time and attendance feature, you can easily track employee work hours, overtime, missed and late punches regardless of the size of your organization.

Pro-Report, Centaur high-performance reporting package is included with every Centaur Edition and may be optionally installed on as many workstations as necessary.