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The AGP-6000 Series Exit Station is designed for multiple uses, typically at the unattended exits of a parking facility. The AGP-6010 Series Exit Station accepts paid parking ticket, confirms the patron has paid and exited within the programmed lag-time. The AGP-6050 Series adds credit card / mag-stripe access card functionality for ticket in/credit card out, and credit card in/credit card out when used with an AGP-2050 series Entry Station and on-line credit card host software.

  • Standalone (AGP-6010 series) or on-line (AGP-6010 and AGP-6050 series)
  • Uses common hardware components (RWPV-based) for fewer inventoried parts and reduced service training
  • Field programmable operation utilizing handheld wireless remote control
  • Accommodates credit card size mag-stripe media
  • Credit card acceptance (AGP-6050 series) model optional