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CT-V900-A 2-Door Controller


The CT-V900-A is at the heart of every Centaur access control system. The Centaur Server, hardware expansion modules, multi-purpose inputs, card readers, keypads and outputs are connected directly to the CT-V900-A.

Multi-controller systems are joined together via the RS-485 communication bus. Distributed database architecture allows each controller to make split-second decisions without the need for the server computer.

Lightning-quick, robust and remarkable stability make the CT-V900-A the professional's choice.

  • Control 2 doors (Reader In / REX Out) or 1 Door (Reader In / Reader Out)
  • Add up to 6 more doors to the CT-V900-A using the CA-A470-A expansion module
  • 10,920 on-board card database
  • 256 Schedules
  • 256 Access Levels
  • 2048 Event Buffer
  • 16 on-board inputs (*using ATZ 2R/3R) 
  • 2 on-board 12 Vdc or 24 Vdc field-selectable lock outputs 
  • 2 on-board Form C dry contact relay outputs (N/O – N/C)
  • Fully distributed database architecture (access decisions made locally)
  • Flash firmware – Upload firmware via the computer 
  • E-Bus technology add-on hardware modules can be up to 1220m (4000ft) away from the CT-V900-A
  • 2.5A switching power supply
  • Supports common Wiegand, Track 2 ABA (mag stripe) and BCD (keypad) formats 
  • Easy maintenance with snap-off terminal blocks
  • Battery backup functionality (2 x 12V 7AH gel-type batteries)
  • Lithium battery protection in case of complete power failure