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GuardQuest BII System Widmer

  • During the guard tour the Watchman simply touches the M6000 recorder to a recording station chip placed at each Checkpoint and records date, time and station I.D. number. 
  • Direct data tranasfer to a PC via an RS232 port of USB adapter to a PC using the download cradle.
  • Incredibly rugged, shockproof, waterproof and tamperproof casing. 
  • Employs state-of-the-art Dallas Seminconductor non-duplicable IButton® chcips for Recording Stations, Guard I.D. Keys and Supervisor Badges. 
  • Flexible, expandable system design. Unlimited number of recording stations and tour guards. 
  • Keypad operated, heavy-duty Incident Message Booklet. 
  • Extensive, configuarable Reports afford greater visibility of the Tour. 
  • Real Time Clock with calendar – 10 year life. Clock continues to run while replacing batteries – no need to reset time. 
  • Exports Reports to Windows Excel and other databases. 
  • And more!