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Midsized Business – Novatime 2000


NOVAtime 2000 is an easy-to-tailor time and attendance system designed to meet your specific needs.

  • Exclusive System Navigator to guide users through common procedures, system setup, and administration.
  • Powerful Employee Management that allows you to import employees from an existing payroll or accounting system or manually key-in at the conveniently formatted entry screen. Optional NOVApic module allows you to print badges directly from the employee screen.
  • Strong SQL Report Engine to generate reports for processing payroll and to assist management with labor distribution and job costing. It integrates with the Auto Task to allow scheduling and periodic distribution of reports!
  • Full screen Timesheet editing
  • IN/OUT Board to display employee current IN / OUT status
  • Strong Policy Policy allows unlimited number of pay policy rules to calculate hours for different groups of employees. Overtime calculations can be defined for holidays, weekends, consecutive days, days off, etc. Several punch rounding rules and total hours rounding as well as tardy penalties can be easily defined to accommodate your company’s requirements.
  • Built-In Payroll Interfaces to many popular accounting software and payroll services
  • Up to 8 Levels of Job Costing / Labor Tracking, which can be entered at the time clock.
  • Fully implemented via Object Oriented Programming (OOP) using UML (Unified Modeling Language) framework, to easily adapt to changes and facilitate growth
  • Flexible system configuration with industry templates, which can be custom tailored to fit your company’s needs.
    Network ready to allow unlimited user access to the software over a Windows compatible Local Area Network.
  • Custom employee Software Capacity
  • Multiple Data Collection Options
  • Strong Policy Setup
  • Unlimited Shifts and Differentials
  • Unlimited Pay Codes
  • Unlimited Pay Categories
  • 8 Employee Group Levels