MTC 400

    Accurate Master Time Control

    Central to any building time control system is a Master Clock. Midwest Time Control offers two clocks for this purpose, the MTC series and the PC series.

    The MTC series are microprocessor-based Master Clocks designed to provide accurate, trouble-free synchronization of secondary clocks while at the same time offering programmable control circuits for automating building operations. They are suitable for many types of buildings: schools, hospitals, industrial plants and office buildings. MTC series clocks are a cost competitive solution to your building time control problems, with state of the art features.

    PC series Programmable Clocks also provide control circuits, but without the secondary clock controls.

    Programming of MTC and PC series clocks is easily accomplished with a human engineered Control Panel. A four digit display and LED indicators guide the operator through each step. The MTC and PC series of clocks may also be programed from a computer terminal, with the added capability of synchronizing the computer and MTC and PC time. For locations requiring absolute timing accuracy, MTC and PC series clocks may be synchronized with the National Bureau of Standard. With the addition of a modem, MTC and PC Maser Clocks may be monitored and programmed from a remote computer terminal.