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Computerized Time Recorder will slash your payroll preparation time. Because time card calculation errors cost you money, it only makes sense to use the revenue saving resources that are available to you.

Electronic Time Recorder is designed as a fully automatic time recorder, which eliminates overprinting through the use of its mark sensing technology. Its optical sensor detects the previous mark, and the time and date are consecutively printed vertically up the time card, making overprinting impossible.

Traditional automatic time and date stamping machine with optional four or five digit numbering and upper and/or lower inscription plates.

Consecutive spacing time recorder clips time card to prevent change of overprints.

The most sophisticated state-of- the art Guard Tour ever! During the guard tour the Watchman simply touches the M6000 recorder to a recording station chip placed at each Checkpoint and records date, time and station I.D. number.

Centaur software provides a user-friendly graphical interface to manage, configure and monitor access control systems from local and remote locations.

SmartLock UltraLite is an extremely simple, cost-effective, stand-alone access control system which supports 2,000 users AND provides audit trail capability.

AMANO AGP 1000 and 1700 Series

AMMANO AGP 2000, AGP 6000, AGP 6800, AGP 7800, AGP 8200, and ETP models.

The Revolution is a wireless, real time, ticket vending system providing self-monitoring and diagnostics, which will help you discover consistent revenue.

Our line-up of Deskside shredders including: Destroyit 2240, Destroyit 2260, Destroyit 2270, Destroyit 2360, Destroyit 2404

Our line-up of Centralized Office shredders including: Destroyit 2503, Destroyit 2604, Destroyit 3104, Destroyit 3105, Destroyit 3804, Destroyit 4002, Destroyit 4005

Our line-up of High Capacity shredders including: Destroyit 4605, Destroyit 4107, Destroyit 5009

Our line-up of High Security shredders including: 2360 SMC, 2604 SMC, 4005 SMC

Our line-up of Special Solutions shredders including: Destroyit 0101 HDP, Destroyit Degausser / HDP, Destroyit 0201 OMD



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National Time Equipment, a wholly Canadian owned and operated company, has been a leader in providing time recorders and computerized time systems in Toronto and Southern Ontario since 1986. At National Time, the satisfaction of our customers is our primary goal. We listen to our customers’ wants and needs. We pride ourselves on delivering complete solutions to our many long-term business partners.When you buy from National Time, we want you to feel confident about your purchase. Not only are you buying the most reliable and user-friendly products available on the market, but should you ever need support, our factory trained service and support technicians are always available to help. We want our customers to know that they are entering into a long-term business partnership

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