Centaur Access Control System

CDV Americas, a subsidiary of the CDV Group – one of Europe 's largest access control system manufacturers – is committed to a program of continuous enhancement for the Centaur product line. For the latest information please call us at 416-252-2293.

Centaur software provides a user-friendly graphical interface to manage, configure and monitor access control systems from local and remote locations. The Centaur system can connect to one or more sites, each of which consists of one or more door controllers.

Each Centaur edition comes complete with all the software modules needed to manage your system on a single computer. Additional Centaur Workstations are installed on one or more networked computers to manage the system. Supports multiple operators locally and in different locations and even using different languages.

There are four Centaur editions available to suit a wide range of installation sizes and budgets. The differences between each edition are detailed in the following pages. Every edition of Centaur includes several standard modules – Pro-Report (Tracker Time & Attendance), FrontGuard, Locator, WavePlayer, FrontCard and FrontView.

The Centaur system optimizes user investment by providing a rich set of features including report generation, basic time and attendance, real-time graphical interface and much more.