The MTX-10 and MTX-20

Used with TruTime and Time Guardina Pro, this popular badge reader fits and grows with your business, accommodating basic punch features or advanced interactivity

In today's competitive business environment, access to timely labor data is critical. Amano Cincinnati puts that data at your fingertips with TruTime®, a complete time & attendance system that automates the collection, calculation and preparation of data for payroll. TruTime® also provides you with powerful tools to analyze your labor and payroll costs and increase the efficiency of your operations.

TrueTime® calculates hours based on schedules that you can create quickly and easily using features such as global scheduling and advance scheduling. You can even set up an auto schedule that will automatically apply the appropriate schedule based on the first IN punch.

TruTime® provides a range of management reports that enable you top compare labor costs among departments, cost centers of job classes. Use these tools to improve coverage, productivity and profitability.

TruTime® stores your attendance data for fast and easy history reporting whenever you need it. It displays past exceptions or hours in a grid so you can easily spot trends by employee, department, cost center or job class.


  • Download clock and program parameters to data collection terminal from the PC
  • Download personal messages, hours worked and benefit time to data collection terminal from the PC for viewing at the MTX terminal
  • Make edits to one employee or a group
  • Back up, archive and restore data quickly and easily (not available for Windows® 3.x users)


  • Ability to customize menus
  • Accommodates different hourly rates for overtime, shift differential, and other pay types
  • Single or multi-user operation
  • Ability to pay to schedule
  • Punch at the PC module available
  • User-definable fields let you customize employee information and run reports based on these fields

Sample Reports