Hospitality Challenges

The labor-intensive hospitality industry presents lots of difficulties and challenges that NOVAtime can meet, whether it's a hotel, casino, country club, or restaurant. The complexity of a hospitality entity depends on the amenities of the property its location, and its hours of operation. Therefore, controlling costs on a daily basis along with flexibility in creating reports are major concerns to any industry CFO, Controller, General Manager, or Human Resources Director. Further, the structural foundation, application integration, and ease of use and support are important to any Information, System's Director.

NOVAtime recognizes that this specialized industry has unique needs and requirements to control cost, as well as to maintain and track government mandates. Over the last several years, there have been features added to NOVAtime products to enhance these capabilities for this vital industry. We feel that keeping an open mind, consulting with hospitality industry professionals,, and listening to our end-users help us to continue to proactively enhance our products to always meet the hospitality industry's needs and requirements.

Our goal is to provide the best tools to prepare, process, and maintain payroll records efficiently, as well as control cost, manage employees, and manage business based on historical information.

List Challenges

  • Staffing requirements based on anticipated revenue
  • Applying applicable dual rates/jobs
  • Proactively managing overtime caused by clocking right outside of shift
  • Changing multiple schedules daily
  • Deriving special calculations, such as meals, tips, etc
  • Calculating variations on holidays and other pay codes

Here are Novatime Solutions

Software Features

  • Real-time view of timesheets
  • Time off request
  • View of employee benefit accruals
  • Clock assignment to control where employees clock in and out
  • Automation of multiple task-managing functions, reports, etc.
  • Import/Export/Integration of data in various file formats
  • Lock Out/Access Control based on schedule or access to an area
  • Point System to evaluate human assets and rewards
  • Meal Policy based on method of calculation and implementation
  • Supervisor Web Services based on configuration and permissions

Recommended Hardware Solutions

  • Biometric data collection terminals
  • Swipe terminals (magnetic, bar code, and proximity): View time, accruals, change jobs:
  • Kiosk terminals: view time, schedule, accruals, change jobs, view performance tracking points
  • Telephone: punch, change jobs, schedules, lock out
  • Web-Based application: real-time (typically, in an office environment)